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Tang Math Virtual PD

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For K-8 Educators

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Customer Reviews

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Cilla Bercovici
Tang is Terrific

Greg Tang teaches with clarity and precision. He is precise and concise, wasting no time in getting to his most important points and teaching us teachers how to present material to students in ways they can truly comprehend. His focus on C-P-A is fabulous and consistent throughout everything he shows. He is sure to answer all questions and, if we ask about something he does not focus upon, he is completely honest. His passion for good, solid, and informed teaching is evident throughout all he does. I learn mountains of material everytime I attend his workshops!

Martha Fleck
Grade 3-5 workshop on Multiplication and Division

This is an amazing amount of fantastic information on Tang methods of teaching multiplication and division for understanding and fluency with hopes for automaticity. You will walk away with amazement that it has taken so many decades for someone to come up with a method of teaching math that makes this much sense. Greg teaches that teaching math moves from concrete, to pictorial, to abstract. He gives examples that clearly show how this works. He also teaches that people need to know the facts to attain automaticity. In his thinking, students do not need to know how to work a problem a multitude of ways. Less is more. His workshops are engaging and never boring. Even if math is not easy for you, you'll be disappointed to have the workshop end.

Missy Moxon-Rust
Great workshop!

As a first year teacher, I am so thankful I was able to attend because I feel that much more prepared to lead my students into better mathematical thinking and reasoning. Greg took his time explaining problems and made sure we understood thoroughly. Can't wait for the next one!

Greg Tang K-6 Workshop

Simply put: best.math.workshop.ever. Common sense through and through! Systematic progression to intuitively learn and practice skills. Simple tools to model concrete, pictorial, abstract representations. Methods that are easily adapted for in-person or virtual instruction. Inspires confidence in even the most reluctant teacher (or parent) to effectively instruct and differentiate. All of this with lots of laughter and fun! Again, simply the best!!