Puzzle Pack Subscription

Puzzle Pack Subscription

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Are you looking for a fun and effective way to help your kids develop computational fluency? Try our new Tangy and Wordy puzzle packs! Each pack is a collection of 5 math worksheets, designed to feel more like solving puzzles rather than grinding through equations. Traditional worksheets can be boring, yet very effective when it comes to building number sense through practice. Now, you don't have to choose between the two! At Tang Math, we found the perfect balance in a math worksheet - giving kids tons practice in a way that is fun, challenging, and will have them asking for more every week.

Every Tuesday or Wednesday from September until June, we release a brand new set of puzzle worksheets for each of the 4 packs at every grade level. Over the course of a school year, that's over 200 puzzle worksheets for each individual pack! When you purchase a subscription, it is ONE-TIME payment (nothing is recurring or automatic), which grants you access to whichever pack you purchased for the duration of that school year. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHEN YOU SIGN UP. At the time that you join, you will receive all back issues of the puzzles in your subscription(s) that have already been released, plus all the puzzles going forward on a weekly basis until the subscription expires in June.

Tangy Tuesday Pack 1
Digicross, Snake, Numtanga, Kakooma, Equato

Tangy Tuesday Pack 2
Word Search, Maze, Digit Detective, Number Buddies, Square

Tangy Tuesday Pack 3
Tang-A-Row, Gridlock, Shape Up, Pictarithms, Myster Numbers

Wordy Wednesday
Riddle Puzzles, Who am I, Split Descision, Fill in the blank, More or Less

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* The license to use/ distribute the puzzles begins August 8, 2023 and expires June 30, 2024.

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Customer Reviews

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Allison Smith

Worksheet Subscription

Elizabeth Apodaca
Middle School Math Wordy Wednesday

I love the word problems and how they make them think. I took one star down because I bought a higher level to try and challenge some of my students, but it it still too easy for them.

David Craig
Tangy Tuesday and Wordy Wednesday

I use all 4 puzzle packs this year. Well worth the $19.95 purchase price for each grade level and type. I started with Pack 1 my first year and I purchased K-4. Now I also use Tuesday Packs 2 and 3 and Wordy Wednesday Pack 1. The variety keeps kids wanting to do these more and more. They can complete in my classroom collaboratively or independently and because I receive them every week, I will also send them home where both kids and parents can enjoy getting their math on together. Powerful puzzles and hands down the most clever worksheets I have ever had the pleasure of using. Kids can tell pretty much if they are on the right track when working on these and the satisfaction of knowing when they are is exciting to see.


There is a great deal of differentiation on these sheets! I can use them with a wide array of students.

Kara Treadwell

I love using these as early finisher activities. My kids LOVE the snake puzzles!