Ever wanted to run your own math camp? Now you can!

There are many obstacles to organizing a camp. In addition to upfront expense, there’s the planning, marketing, paperwork, insurance, and more. All of these facets can be overwhelming, and often prevent one from starting their camp. Tang Math takes care of all of that for you.


Apply here by [DATE]; Tang Math reviews and responds quickly, so you won’t have to worry about putting any summer plans on hold.

If your application is approved, Tang Math provides next steps, including the necessary paperwork to show compliance with independent contractor employment standards.

As soon as all requirements are met, Tang Math gives you the green light to start accepting camper signups. We’re officially in business!


All Tang Math asks of you is this: help us register 40 campers for your location. It’s that simple!


  • Full Itinerary: Integrated, minute-by-minute activity schedule
  • Equipment: All games, technology, resources and materials
  • Staffing: Employment wages, training, staffing costs
  • Insurance coverage: includes liability protection, accident, injury, and much more
  • Expenses: Refreshments and snacks, maintenance, miscellaneous
  • Payment system: Collection, processing, accounting
  • Documents: Registration, medical/insurance, release forms
  • Professional service: Website, customer service, brand
  • Marketing: Flyers, promotion and outreach assistance
  • Accessories: T-shirts, prizes, and giveaways to all campers


  • You are an active U.S. primary school educator, with experience teaching Greg Tang Math
  • You have a valid U.S. driver’s license


  • Apply (below) to host a Tang Math Summer Camp. This quick application includes questions regarding your basic info, qualifications, recent employment, plus desired location and dates.
  • Tang Math reviews your application (3-7 days)
  • If approved, Tang Math contacts you with instructions and any paperwork. If unable to move forward with your application at this time, we’ll let you know quickly, so you can still move on with summer planning.
  • Once determined your requirements are met, Tang Math sends a formal acceptance letter. You’ll receive resources to seek camper signups, then it’s up to you to bring your camp to life!
  • * To fully complete the application process, Tang Math’s sign-up requirement must be met in advance. The deadline for camp registration is [DATE]. If not met by this date, any registrants will be fully refunded and camp terminated.


    Tang Math values your input as the "local expert" to help find a great camp venue. Camper safety is the absolute #1 priority. If your school is available for use in the summer, often that may be the best option. While deciding on the right venue we’ll keep in mind the following basic requirements:

    • A/C – Electric – Water
    • Wireless internet
    • Private bathrooms
    • Maintenance on-site
    • Classroom-style seating, quality workspace
    • Exclusive pick-up/drop off area

    * Please note: Tang Math’s program is open to many U.S. locations. If you think you can get 40 camper sign-ups, your application WILL be considered!


    • Your camp date options begin week of 6/4, and end with the week of 8/20. Please be sure you’re available for any selected weeks.