Make Your Own NumTanga! (All Versions, Multiple Languages, Digital Download)

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Stay Sharp with NumTanga.

An A Easy-To-Learn Math Activity for Kids (and adults)

NumTanga is fun AND ADDICTING!

Each deck uses multiple representations to teach and reinforce the most essential concepts, conventions, and notations that kids need to know.  

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Polish


What if children could develop their math skills, while staying engaged and having fun the whole time?

Now there’s a way, Make-Your-Own NumTanga Cards!

The new NumTanga Cards make it easy for children to quickly learn vital mental math skills, all while playing a game. 

And now, you can easily download, print, and have your own set for your classroom & for your students to take home!

Simply customize the cards any way you like, and print as many as you need. No more time wasted planning out elaborate learning activities, NumTanga is fun, quick, and effective!

So, why does NumTanga work so well?

  • Step-by-step instructions make it easy to create and assemble games
  • Visual graphics and colors appeal to children
  • Can be played in multiple languages
  • Children can play individually for self-entertaining fun, or with a partner or in a group
  • Fun for people of all ages!
  • Option to play competitively or non-competitively
  • Adjustable to accommodate different skill levels
  • Compact, and can be played anywhere like in the car, or at a coffee shop
  • Non-verbal interaction accommodates many learning styles and disabilities
  • Print as many as you’d like for classes or groups
  • Great for centers, family nights, projects, indoor recess, sub-teachers, early arrivers & more!

 Make your own set today! 



6 Sets- Numbers to 20 • Numbers to 30 • Numbers to 100 • Money • Fractions Measurement. 

Languages- English • Spanish • French • Chinese • Japanese • Polish

Each "Set" contains 12 cards and 144 combinations (in each language) 



-Gameboard (Customizable!)

-Origami Pouch (Customizable!)

-Backside Graphics (Customizable!)



"I bought these for my daughter and ended up giving them to her teacher for the whole class. It was a huge hit with 4th graders, especially during the week before Thanksgiving when everyone was feeling a bit wild."

"We have been playing for the past TWO hours! He said he wants to play until midnight. ;) He has had so much fun learning math and I can’t wait to share with my teachers."

"Challenging and innovative. I like how it challenges my daughter to think and solve in a fun manner."


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